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I took a look at Little Nonbinary Title Speshul Snowflake. She think's that sadness is a gender, and there are people who actually SUPPORT this disgraceful (non, apparently)human being.

I don’t really care about the whole “sad gender” thing or whatever, it’s all the self-diagnosed “mental illnesses” that are pissing me off

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leslichu replied to your post: "I have ptsd because i got in a fight …

i think that was just a troll post?? the stuff in it was too sarcastic looking to be real

I sure as hell hope it’s not real because if it is real

holy shit what a terrible person

"I have ptsd because i got in a fight with a friend and they called me a troll"

"i have depression because im sad sometimes"

"I have adhd because i get distracted"





ok since everyone is questioning the validity of my self diagnoses :D

ptsd: i had a gross argument with my friends over the internet and they called me mean names like troll

panic disorder: i get panic attacks 

autism: im socially awkward and i did a lot of research of this and i realized i had a lot of the symptoms since childhood (eg. not reading facial expressions, not understanding sarcasm)

depression: self harm and im sad a lot (ties in with being gloomgender)

social anxiety: i get anxious when people are mean to me

dyscalculia: im really bad at math and i always am very close to failing math

dysgraphia: my handwriting is really messy and no one can ever read it

ADHD: i get distracted too much when i do things i dont like


Depression isn’t so much being sad as it is not having motivation. When one copes with depression, they just feel tired and uninterested.

Dyscalculia? I’m not so sure here. That’s the only one that’s even remotely valid, but at the same time there’s a lot of factors ex. how it’s presented to you.

ADHD… that’s fucking stupid. Most people have a hard time focusing when they aren’t interested or don’t like something. ADHD covers FAR more than that.

Social Anxiety? Go fuck yourself. That’s just a lazy label in your case. EVERYONE GOES THROUGH WHAT YOU DESCRIBED. Social Anxiety’s true face is trying to approach somebody and after 10 minutes becoming a stuttering wreck, not even saying what you wanted to say, speedwalking away in fear of everybody potentially judging you, and feeling humiliation from that for a while afterwards.

Your self diagnosis are fucking terrible.

Your self diagnosis is fucking disgusting. Stop romanticizing mental disorders and genders like it’s a trend and grow up


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