You could stop at 5 or six stores...or just one
You could stop at 5 or six stores...or just 1
Heyoo, this is my blog

I'm 20 years old, living in Michigan

I asked why ME3 Wii U version isn’t getting non-packaged DLC and their solution was to link me to an IGN article twice


I don’t know if I posted this here yet, but here’s the Shepard I made for my first ME3 Wii U playthrough~


"I’m not really a ‘by the book’ kind of guy, and I piss people off. My family’s been military since the Unification War. War is my life; it’s in my bones. But that kind of passion is deceptive, can make you seem reckless when you’re anything but."

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Day 04 - Guilty pleasure?
Wasting time in the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.

This location has been overrun. Area is uncontrolled, we need you to lock it down!”


Wrex get off my head



Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who stood around admiring the Hazard version of Firebase Ghost without realizing the rain was goddamn toxic.

I am not a very clever person.



Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC
 » Squad Casino Outfits (aka fabulous people looking fabulous)


Bad picture but

I bought the Omega DLC yesterday (finally) and thought I’d show off my Sentinel’s armor

I call it Iron Maiden


Okay sure go ahead and just shoot things instead of retrieving the important thing I’ll just be over here doing that on my own and get killed by praetorians and scions a bunch 


I hope I’m not the only person who just cannot find a match