You could stop at 5 or six stores...or just one
You could stop at 5 or six stores...or just 1
Heyoo, this is my blog

I'm 20 years old, living in Michigan

My application I’m sending in to Pokemon Crossing.

Oh god I’m so nervous about this.

I'd appreciate it if you guys followed my side blog for my Pokemon Crossing character and asked some questions over there!

It’s time to see how indecisive Chibi is in choosing a voice for his Pokemon Crossing character.

I seriously can’t decide…first it was P.J. Byrne (Bolin), then it was Zachary Levi, now it’s Joshua Gomez…

Please put in my ask what voice you think works best…


AT: Music and dancing by ~ChibiiBuizel

My half of a trade with woodykd!


PKMC NPC: Lucas by ~ChibiiBuizel

GO LOOK AT MY ART PLEASE if you want maybe



For ChibiBui~

Sorry for being that weird guy who suddenly appeared on your Birthday~

Aaah! I love it!


True Pokestory by ~Naorui

You guys this artist I like on dA drew my PKMN-Crossing character aaaa


I made an ask blog for my Pokemon Crossing character, Charlie. Feel to ask him any questions you want (just nothing NSFW please!)!

Click here or on the picture link thingy to go there!